Year in review: Top 25 posts of 2017

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The year 2017 was one to remember for International Airport Review, with the celebration of our 20th anniversary and the launch of our inaugural Awards.

Here, we take a look back at an exciting 2017 to review the posts that were most popular among our readers.

On behalf of everyone at International Airport Review, we wish you a happy, healthy 2018, and look forward to a new year of exciting developments within the aviation industry.

25. Why do airlines oversell seats?

In light of the unfortunate recent incident involving United Airlines, we ask: Why did this happen?

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24. The emergence of cargo airships: An opportunity for airports

Craig Neal a Post Graduate Research Student at UNSW Australia provides an overview of the potential impact of Cargo Airship Operations on Airports, and discusses the emergence of this technology in the near future and the opportunity it presents.

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23. Passenger experience design for an international traveller

In this webinar, Petr Otoupal discussed how to use technology to enhance customer experience, increase revenue and better handle irregular airport operations. Airport IT managers can discover how they can better control their whole passenger information system, while business managers can learn how to better utilise marketing messages.

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22. Aeroflot trumps the best of the America’s airline brands

Domestic brand equity, marketing investment, a new fleet and Russia’s growing hub status underpin the result, though American Airlines is the most valuable brand however, worth US$9.8 billion.

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21. Why the Gulf troubles could ground Qatar Airways

Qatar is in a lot of political trouble. With the current airspace Qatar has, its national carrier and aviation network is likely to suffer as a result of a regional blockade.

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20. Blockchain: The smart, secure and seamless future of air travel for all

Reporting from SITA’s Air Transport IT Summit 2017, International Airport Review presents SITALab’s Kevin O’Sullivan’s insight into blockchain and its potential for the aviation industry.

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19. Airfield pavements and the A380

Cyril Fabre, Head of Airfield Pavement – Airport Operations at Airbus, discusses the paradox of why the heaviest commercial airplane remains the most pavement-friendly aircraft at large hub airports?

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18. Top 20 airports by passenger growth 

Ever wondered which airport is currently the fastest growing in the world? How many of the world’s top 20 are situated in Asia? Find out in our latest installment of the anniversary series…

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17. Brexit: Sleep-walking towards disaster for aviation | Chris Chalk

Chris Chalk, speaking as a member of the British Aviation Group (BAG), offers an analysis of the potentially devastating impact of Brexit on both the UK and the European aviation networks.

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16. Diabetes and air travel: Ensuring security, promoting dignity

People with Type 1 Diabetes often have difficulty when moving through an airport and while security is clearly essential, often certain passengers experience mistreatment…

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15. Internet of Things, Delta and a new app solution: Exclusive with LocusLabs

With passenger experience and providing a seamless experience more and more important to both airport and airline, we hear exclusively from the brains behind the FlyDelta app…

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14. How to solve aviation’s talent gap problem

Air transportation is suffering from a talent gap and all trends indicate the gap will widen annually unless proactive measures are taken…

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13. The changing relationship between aviation and passenger expectation

Michael McElvaney, CEO at AeroOps, considers the widening gap between passenger expectations and the services available from airports and airlines…

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12. The future of aviation: a definitive guide to the next 20 years

What will define the next 20 years in aviation? Which technologies, challenges, regions and innovations will shape the future of our industry?

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11. Pickering airport? Time to hit reset

Does Toronto need another airport? Would Pickering alleviate traffic pressure? Here’s an argument against the building of Toronto Pickering…

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10. Baggage handling: Achieving operational excellence

Efficient baggage handling does not necessarily mean mechanisation and automation. Rien Scholing takes a total process view of baggage handling at airports…

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9. The changing world of PRM management solutions

PRM Management is a crucial yet impossibly complex service for airports to get right – but things have suddenly started to change…

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8. Airport Industry Trends for 2016

International Airport Review has put together a list of, what we believe, will be the top trends in the industry in 2016…

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7. Six technologies that will revolutionise the aviation and airport industry in 2017

As we enter 2017, the future seems at once both exciting and worrying. As the technology sector moves forward faster than other industries can keep up, issues such as cyber security become more and more challenging at a faster and faster rate.

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6. Europe bites back at Brexit as aviation comes out in defence of EU

The European aviation and airport network has come out in staunch defence of the EU in an official statement made by industry leaders…

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5. The world’s top 20 airports 

Join International Airport Review in celebration of our 20th Anniversary as we begin our Top 20s feature and pick our Top 20 World Airports.

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4. Circular runway exclusive: The reality behind the revolutionary project

The ‘Endless Runway’ project is undoubtedly revolutionary and International Airport Review spoke to the project’s Senior R&D Manager Henk Hesselink for an exclusive insight.

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3. ACI Europe Best Airport Award winners for 2017 announced

The 13th Annual ACI EUROPE Best Airport Awards were announced last night during the Gala Dinner of the 27th ACI EUROPE General Assembly, Congress & Exhibition, hosted by Groupe ADP.

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2. Monarch administrators lose High Court battle over slots

A High Court ruling has denied Monarch the right to sell its airport slots to raise money for creditors.

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1. The top 20 largest airports by passenger number 

Ever wondered which airport processes the most passengers per year? How many of the world’s top 20 are situated in the US? Find out in our latest instalment of the anniversary series…

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