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Security: The hidden ‘insider’ threat of the aviation sector

20 August 2018 | By

An airport is a complex entity, with multiple occupants, a transient population and time-critical operations. Such an environment is vulnerable to a variety of different risks and threats. But while external threats are significant, an issue of growing concern is that of the ‘insider threat’. David BaMaung, Director of Strategic…

Cybersecurity: Threats in a digital age

17 August 2018 | By

Drawing upon his experience of the airport IT security culture and how getting it right can not only enhance efficiency but also ensure security, Mahmood AlSeddiqi from Bahrain Airport Company, reveals his seven-step approach to cybersecurity.

China’s Aerotropolis: The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

13 August 2018 | By

With airports playing increasingly important roles as business magnets and metropolitan economic accelerators, John D. Kasarda, PhD, President of the Aerotropolis Institute China, describes this aerotropolis development process and how it is being applied in China to attract investment, boost trade, and increase passenger and cargo volumes.

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