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RFID and modern baggage messaging: Where we are and what’s next

28 November 2019 By International Air Transport Association (IATA)

To conclude IATA’s 2019 webinar series dedicated to baggage tracking, RFID and modern baggage messaging, this last session will focus on where the industry is at and what can be expected as we move towards 2020. Participants will hear an overview of the important milestones achieved in 2019, which notably…

Smart, secure airports for the modern traveller

20 November 2019 By Unisys Corporation

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR Security threats to airports have evolved significantly over time, especially with the convergence of IT and OT. With steadily increasing passenger volumes, ensuring airport and passenger security without compromising the travellers’ airport experience is challenging. Modern travellers expect a seamless, paperless and secure travel experience, which traditional…

Optimising passenger flow with a holistic approach to resource management

14 November 2019 By Dassault Systèmes

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR The right resource allocation is key in improving passenger flow at your airport. But without an holistic view on the operations, inefficient or even counter-productive decisions are easily made. In this webinar we explain how a passenger flow model can be used to determine the optimal resource…

A day in the life of seamless travel – the next chapter of modern aviation

6 November 2019 By Vision-Box

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR Seamless travel is connecting travellers to airports, airlines and governments in a manner that is transforming the experience inside and outside the airport ecosystem. Industry initiatives including, One-ID and Known Traveller Digital Identity systems (KTDI), are leading the way in reshaping and transforming the traveller experience by…

NEXTT: Designing for the future

23 October 2019 By NEXTT Vision (IATA & ACI)

Join us to learn how the NEXTT vision will deliver improvements in customer experience and operational processes by leveraging new and emerging technologies.

On-Demand Webinar – Blockchain: Flying the friendly skies


Blockchain in the world of airports According to the newest research released by SITA, blockchain is fast emerging among airports and airlines as the priority technology for making the travel experience more efficient. The most commonly expected use of blockchain is for passenger identification, with 40 per cent of airlines…

Modern baggage messaging standards

ON-DEMAND By International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Following on from the first two webinars of this series - which introduced the IATA RFID priority and highlighted some successful deployments - this session will cover the messaging aspect as baggage is moved according to messages that are sent from the airline Departure Control System (DCS) to the baggage…

Enhanced video analytics for airport operators


The growing number of travellers passing through airports consequently increases the number of tasks airport operators must complete, whilst enhancing potential threats. However, an enlarged amount of traffic cannot be at the expense of security. Video analytics can enhance the capacity of existing infrastructure and video management systems. Video analysis…

Implementing RFID in baggage operations

ON-DEMAND By International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Following on from the first webinar of this series, which introduced the IATA RFID priority, this session focused on adopting and implementing RFID in baggage handling. Participants will be given some practical tools and resources to explore using RFID as a tracking solution for their operations and will be given…

NEXTT: Putting strategy into practice


This on-demand webinar covers a wide array of topics which draw on the vast spectrum of aspects included in the NEXTT vision.

IATA prioritises RFID for baggage tracking across the industry

ON-DEMAND By International Air Transport Association (IATA)

This webinar was an introduction to the IATA RFID priority, including RFID benefits, the IATA RFID roadmap and the IATA standard for RFID. It covered why IATA decided to move forward with RFID as the best mechanism for airlines to adopt Resolution 753 on baggage tracking and for the industry…

How IoT is helping to achieve safer and more efficient airside operations

ON-DEMAND By Honeywell

Airports are among the most heavily trafficked establishments, with travel expected to continue to increase. As airports work to accommodate more travellers — all while adhering to the latest industry standards — doing so efficiently becomes more difficult. Fortunately, technology developments are helping mitigate these challenges and helping airports can…

NEXTT: Industry-wide cost benefits


NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) reimagines on-ground and airport experiences; in particular the emerging technologies and digital transformation this involves. ACI and IATA’s jointly published NEXTT visions have attracted industry-wide agreement on the ‘what’. So, the subsequent questions become ‘why’ and ‘how’. In presenting updates on the NEXTT initiative, including…

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