Why the Gulf troubles could ground Qatar Airways

Qatar is in a lot of political trouble. With the current airspace Qatar has, its national carrier and aviation network is likely to suffer as a result of a regional blockade.

Qatar current airspace in relation to the size of the state and certainly the size of its aviation and airport network is relatively limited as you can see in the map below.

The prohibition of access to Bahrainian, Emirati, and Saudi airspace is likely to have a catastrophic impact upon both Hamad International Airport, one of the world’s leading hubs, and Qatar Airways. 

“Losing Saudi, Bahrain and UAE airspace would effectively ground Qatar Airways,” CAPA — Center for Aviation wrote in a report.


Source: Business Insider

“It is largely surrounded by Bahrain airspace (the Bahrain FIR), a slither on the south is managed by Saudi Arabia while the UAE is on the eastern border,” CAPA went on to detail.

In short, in order for Qatar Airways to reach Doha from the multitude of international destination it flies to and from, it would have to cross the currently prohibited foreign airspace.

Essentially, Qatar as a nation state has next to little geopolitical leverage to alleviate this, according to most leading commentators.

In 2015, Skytrax named Qatar Airways the best airline in the world and Hamad is currently the sixth best airport according to the consumer aviation website.

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3 responses to “Why the Gulf troubles could ground Qatar Airways”

  1. Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain are members of ICAO 1944 IASTA (International Air Services Transit Agreement). It would be a violation of ICAO Convention. Therefore, ICAO must intervene to prevent this from happening. Besides all bilateral and multilateral air services agreements have an exit clause, which guarantees continuation of operations of the designated airlines of both countries, for one year, after the notice to terminate the agreement has been served through ICAO by either party. This means that Saudi Arabia,while not being member of IASTA, cannot ban Qatar Airways’ operations to and thorough it’s airspace for at least one year.

  2. Robbo says:

    Fake news, hysteria.

    Very worrying coming from you people that you can dish this out and not be accountable. And of course the individual who wrote this rubbish hasn’t addd his/her name to it.

    • Craig Waters says:

      Thanks for your comment. This news item was written using information shared via the BBC and Business Insider websites – you can find links to those posts above.

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