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Airport Construction and Airport DesignWith the demand for air travel rising, projects that are investing in infrastructure and expanding existing facilities are frequenting the airport industry. These construction and design projects involve a wide range of stakeholders, and vary both in size and cost.

The role of an airport is to facilitate a journey to a desired destination, however, many airports are endeavouring to become destinations in themselves. To achieve this demands new designs and innovative features which can provide a ‘wow factor’ for passengers, allowing airports to not only cope with growth, but excel.

Already we have seen inspiring applications of innovative design within the industry. In this section of International Airport Review’s website, we will showcase examples of creative construction and design, and keep you up to date with project progress around the world.


Cleaner, Greener Airports: Making Aviation More Sustainable – San Francisco Airport

9 July 2021 | By ,

San Francisco International Airport colleagues Erin Cooke, Sustainability and Environmental Policy Director, and Anthony Bernheim, Healthy & Resilient Buildings Program Manager - Planning, Design & Construction, explain the airport’s goals to become a ‘zero’ campus and the importance of sustainability in a region that is actively experiencing the effects of…


Does the idea of the ‘airport city’ still fly?

6 July 2021 | By

Undoubtedly, the effects of the coronavirus crisis have been felt keenly in airport cities across the globe. Arja Lukin, Project Director of Airport City Aviapolis, details the development of Finland’s Aviapolis and its future plans, and considers if the airport city concept is still relevant as the industry battles the…