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Airport ATC and ATMAccording to Definitions in Article 2(1) and (10) of Regulation (EC) No 549/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 March 2004 laying down the framework for the creation of the single European sky, air traffic control (ATC) means a service provided for the purpose of preventing collisions, and expediting and maintaining an orderly flow of air traffic; whilst air traffic management (ATM) means the aggregation of the airborne and ground-based functions required to ensure the safe and efficient movement of aircraft during all phases of operations.

Both are two vital sectors within the aviation industry – all management of arriving and departing aircraft is of course essential for the safety of both passengers and staff. 

Furthermore, ATC/ATM has the potential to assist in increasing an airport’s capacity, therefore enhancing revenue generation and traffic growth. By processing flights more efficiently, an airport could increase its output; greatly enhancing its future potential.

Of course this cannot come at a cost to safety, so within this core topic International Airport Review details how airports, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airport operators and airport authorities are balancing the need for stringent safety policies with the want to increase capacity, using new technologies, automation, updated regulations and revised management systems.


Challenging the digital status quo at Cranfield University’s DARTeC

1 March 2021 | By

Set to open in 2021, the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC) at Cranfield University aims to bring together sector leads from across the aviation industry within a collaborative research environment to create, experiment and challenge the digital status quo. International Airport Review’s Junior Editor, Leah Hockley, spoke with three…


NEXTT Vision: From concept to implementation – during and post-COVID-19

17 December 2020 | By NEXTT Vision (IATA & ACI)

As a joint initiative of ACI and IATA, NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) creates a shared vision for the future of travel. While the first webinar confirmed the validity of and the need for the concepts of NEXTT in these difficult times for the air travel industry, this second webinar looked…