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Airport Showcase 2018

19 December 2018 | By

As the face of aviation changes, airports must adapt. From the bigger and better terminals, to the diversification of operations to enhance the passenger experience. We showcase some examples of best practice in terminal and airside operations and how the industry can learn from innovative and forward-thinking companies.

What effect does climate change have upon airports around the world?

14 November 2018 | By

Environmental change was a subject addressed in ACI World's Airports' Resilience and Adaptation to a Changing Climate policy brief. Recently, the impact of climate change has had a resounding effect upon low lying airports, in particular, especially in the midst of the recent cases in Kansai and the USA. This article,…

Embracing seamless travel: The tourism industry’s perspective

12 November 2018 | By

As tourism continues to grow and route availability continues to shrink, airports are turning to seamless travel initiatives to help passengers stay on the move and increase their satisfaction. Helena Bononi from the World Travel & Tourism Council reveals how the tourism industry is doing its bit for seamless travel.

How drones and artificial intelligence can be used together

9 November 2018 | By

They went mainstream only a few years ago, but drones are already making a big splash in the market. Thanks to the ability to buy them off of a shelf, drones are being adapted for commercial use. There are only so many human controllers can do though and, future drone…

Aruba Airport is the NEXTT big thing for IATA and ACI

5 November 2018 | By

The Aruba Happy Flow is the first 100 per cent self-service passenger experience, based on traveller-centric biometric technology, from kerb to boarding. It was developed by three operational partners; The Government of Aruba, Aruba Airport Authority and KLM, in cooperation with developing partners Vision-Box, Schiphol Group and the Dutch Government,…

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