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Speaker Series: Airport IT & Security

14 February 2019 | By

Sabrina Abdullah, Supervisor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) within Management, Strategy and Technology and Founder of Prosper Consulting, discusses her highlights from Airport IT & Security 2018 and what she will be looking forward to at this year’s event.

Drone Series: Will the new legislation make a difference?

23 January 2019 | By

For the first instalment of our ‘Drone Series’ we spoke exclusively to Lee Mansell, Chief Operation Officer at Operational Solutions, to discuss the implications of the new legislation. Operational Solutions are one of a number of specialist UK companies working with airports to find ways to detect, deter and counter…

Product Showcase: Future-proofing ATC

22 January 2019 | By

The future of aviation and the related air traffic control and management is being written at an extraordinary rate. HungaroControl’s Simulation HUB was launched to help future proof the aviation industry by making air traffic more efficient, safer, more environmentally friendly, and able to utilise its full capacity.

Product Showcase: World class fire training

22 January 2019 | By

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport’s Fire Training Research Centre has provided groundbreaking aircraft rescue firefighting and structural training services in an innovative learning environment for nearly 25 years. Assistant Fire Chief, Randall Rhodes, reveals how a combination of research-oriented, multi-lingual curriculum, immersive digital activities, and practical applications stand students in good…

What can airports learn from the hospitality industry?

10 January 2019 | By

Travel experiences are among the most memorable we have, but too often we remember airports for the wrong reasons. Now a leading interior design expert is urging airport operators to learn from the hospitality industry and make their airports memorable for the right reasons.

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