What did we learn from the Seamless Travel Series?

What is seamless travel? How does it differ from passenger experience? How might different airports must rethink the way they treat different passengers? Here’s what the ‘Seamless Travel Series’ taught us…


“It’s no longer a question of passenger experience; it’s now about seamless travel.”

These are the words International Airport Review offered following PTE earlier in March 2017. Technological advances are currently so fast than most industries are struggling to keep up. Airport and aviation is beginning to turn a corner we feel, led by a cluster of airports and airlines that are implementing exciting new developments such as biometric facial recognition and single token travel, exploring blockchain technology and other exciting new prospects such as robotics. It’s no longer a question of passenger experience; the discussion now surrounds ‘seamless travel.’ 

We spoke to several different individuals throughout the ‘Seamless Travel Series: from airport to airline consultant to accreditor to supplier. Whether it was with Brisbane discussing an airport’s role as a reflection and seamless transition point between the sky and the city, or whether it was Lufthansa Consulting’s insight into how airport and airlines are now working together to ensure a seamless experience for all, we strived to offer a balances look into the progress currently being made in the world of passenger experience.

We therefore invite you to take a look at International Airport Review‘s exclusive ‘Seamless Travel Series’ below and as ever, feel free to comment, share and discuss any of the insight we offer. 



Elevating experience at Hamburg – Hamburg CEO Michael Eggenschwiler

Small changes, big differences for PRMs – Roberto Castiglioni, Accessible Air Travel Advisor

Understanding the airport passenger with ACI World’s unique survey – Dimitri Coll, Head ASQ, ACI World

Rethinking an airport’s relationship with technology – Sarah Wittlieb, Head of Innovation, Munich Airport

Using data to improve operational efficiency – Nick Gates, Product Portfolio Director at SITA UK

Brisbane: an airport that reflects the community – Krishan Tangri, General Manager Assets and Stephen Goodwin, General Manager Operations at Brisbane Airport Corporation

The changing relationship between airports and airlines – Georg Baust, Senior Consultant at Lufthansa Consulting

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