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Biometrics in air travel: Solving today’s challenges with the future in mind

18 November 2019 | By IDEMIA

Today, the air transport community is experiencing extraordinary traffic growth. Speeding up the passenger process can decrease the level of security, so biometrics are a key enabler to overcome this challenge while maintaining high security standards. At IDEMIA, we believe that global biometric adoption in airports is the future and…


Changing the face of travel

15 September 2019 | By

Colleen Manaher, Executive Director – Planning, Programme Analysis and Evaluation at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, discusses how biometrics hold the key to the future regarding the air travel industry’s development, and what this means for the millions of passengers that travel each year.


Just because we can, should we?

13 September 2019 | By

With a mission to promote the responsible and ethical use of biometrics, Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive of the Biometrics Institute, questions whether the industry is waiting for one main player to discover how to manage biometrics at the border, and offers advice on how to get there quicker.

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