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Baggage handling


Luggage on a baggage handling system conveyor beltBaggage handling is the process of transporting passenger luggage from a check-in counter at a departure airport, onto a plane cargo hold and then to a collection point at an arrival airport.

A baggage handling system (BHS) is made up of a number of different processes and checks. A BHS is designed to count bags, check weights of bags, balance loads, screen suitcases for security reasons, transport bags through an airport conveyor belt system and read bag information automatically.


Smaller stations, big impact: Optimising airline operations

6 June 2024 | By INFORM GmbH & Alaska Air

Smaller stations in an airline's network play an important role as feeders, funnelling passengers to major hubs. But they have smaller teams and tighter budgets, forcing managers to wear many hats, covering tasks that might be spread across multiple positions at a major hub. How do you offer decision support…


Winning back the trust of passengers

12 April 2024 | By

Jason Odey, Director of Global Baggage Excellence at Air Canada wrote exclusively in International Airport Review's Issue 4, about the future of baggage handling and what needs to be done to win back the trust of passengers.