International Airport Review travel trend report

At Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 in Paris, we asked the airport experts one question: What is your number one trend to watch this year?

We asked the airport experts what their number one trend to watch in air travel was.

Responses included VFR (visiting friends and family) travel; seamless eco-friendly travelling; urban air mobility; biometrics; passengers’ reliance on mobile phones; data revolutionising the way we anticipate, predict traffic and passenger behaviour; digitalisation; patience from the travelling public; accessibility; a resilient workforce; queue management; off-airport or near-airport handling of luggage.

What do you think?

This video features voxpops filmed at Passenger Terminal Expo June 2022 in Paris.


Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Sustainability & Environment, Zurich Airport

Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Bangalore International Airport

Mats Berglind, Innovation Manager, Swedavia

Michael Christensen, Chief Operations & Maintenance Officer, Los Angeles World Airports

RJ Steenstra, President & CEO of PortsToronto – Former President & CEO of Fort McMurray Airport Authority

Kirk Goodlet, Director Facilitation & Product Development, Winnipeg Airport Authority

Lars Mosdorf, Chief Financial Officer and Labour Director, Dusseldorf Airport

Nathalie Herbelles, Senior Director Security and Facilitation, ACI World

Anurag Shandilya, Head of Airport Operations, Noida International Airport

Mohamed Albinfalah, CEO of Bahrain Airport Company

Roberto Castiglioni, Accessible Air Travel Evangelist


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