Perth Airport introduces new COVID-19-safe touchless technology

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Perth Airport continues to launch new COVID-19-safe initiatives and practices including touchless technology throughout its terminals and car parks, to maintain the safety of passengers and staff.

Perth Airport introduces new COVID-19-safe touchless technology

Perth Airport (PER) is continuing to roll out new COVID-19-safe initiatives and practices, through its car parks and terminals to keep passengers and workers safe.

Perth Airport Chief Commercial Officer, Kate Holsgrove, said that Perth Airport has reimagined the traveller journey from car park to forecourt, terminal, security, flight gate and implemented additional COVID-19 safe measures, to reduce touchpoints and promote physical distancing and hand hygiene.

“The work our team has done over the past 18 months was validated, with Perth Airport recognised as the first Australian airport to be awarded an international Airport Health Accreditation, which recognised that the COVID-19-safe processes and measures that were implemented are robust and world-class, which has now been renewed for a second year.

“In FY21, almost 5.9 million people travelled through our terminals without a single COVID-19 breach. Maintaining the safety of all workers and travellers at Perth Airport remains our priority as aviation begins to recover and more passengers begin to travel.

“We have put the necessary measures in place to improve safety but that doesn’t mean our work is finished as we have looked to reduce contact points at our retail outlets and in our car parks.

“A new initiative is our partnership with Mr Yum, who operate a world-class food & beverage QR code ordering system which will allow passengers to pre-order and pay for items on their device and then pick up at the terminal,” added Holsgrove.

Mr Yum is a leading F&B ordering and payments platform. Participating venues upload their menus that become available via the Mr Yum platform for customers to order – either before their arrival or as they walk through the terminal by scanning a QR code. QR discs will also be on all tables enabling customers to scan and order and pay for food and beverages on their mobile device.

Holsgrove commented: “The system will introduce a touchless ordering system, providing customers an enhanced experience through seamless online ordering. We see this being particularly powerful as a queue buster in the early morning peak period.”

Mr Yum CEO and Co-Founder, Kim Teo, said offering QR code ordering at Perth Airport would make for a convenient and seamless in-terminal experience for travellers.

“Mr Yum is proud to partner with Perth Airport to offer an elevated experience to the thousands of people who pass through the airport every day, making it easier for those in a rush to grab a coffee or a bite to eat before boarding,” said Teo.

This service will be available at selected outlets in T2 and T4 from 20 September 2021, with the intent of expanding the service throughout all terminals.

Holsgrove further added that the airport is also preparing for a return to international travel by launching a new online shopping platform that offers products and services available at Perth Airport including, duty-free shopping.

She continued: “The new platform creates a seamless and safer shopping experience for customers wanting to peruse the duty-free offering at Dufry stores located at Perth Airport.”

This expanded use of technology allows us to sell any product or service available at Perth Airport online and we are currently using the platform so that travellers can purchase access to the Aspire Lounge in T2.

“We will be working with our retail partners to expand the products and services available on the platform in the coming months, making it easier for passengers to shop in the way most convenient for them.

“We have also introduced new wave technology which allows motorists to enter our car parks without having to touch the entry or exit and pay machines.

“Other infrastructure investments made by Perth Airport during COVID-19 on projects such as: the Common User Self Service check-ins, the International Gate Upgrade Project and the Airport Management System Upgrade, will deliver higher quality travel experience for passengers and will reduce the number of touchpoints in the traveller journey. They will also deliver significant operational efficiencies for our airline partners who will be even more cost conscious as they emerge from COVID-19,” said Holsgrove.

“The efforts of the Perth Airport team have given the government and the community confidence that air travel is COVID-19-safe. This will be essential to the recovery of the aviation sector, as we hopefully move toward to a return to normal in the post-COVID-19 era.”

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