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Aebi Schmidt - Articles and news items

Aebi Schmidt Spring 2016 newsletter

Airport news  •  10 May 2016  •  Aebi Schmidt

Aebi Schmidt Issue 9 ‘Connection’ newsletter for Spring 2016

Schmidt presents new generation of jet sweepers

Airport news  •  18 April 2016  •  Aebi Schmidt

Schmidt premieres a new generation of jet sweepers at the “professionals on the airport” conference at Salzburg Airport.

Final Call with Alison Conroy, Aebi Schmidt UK Limited

Issue 1 2016  •  26 January 2016  •  International Airport Review

Alison Conroy, UK Sales and Marketing Manager at Aebi Schmidt UK Limited, discusses the challenges that winter brings to airports and how effective equipment and an efficient strategy can make all the difference to smooth operations...

Final Call: Andreas Schwald, Aebi Schmidt

Issue 1 2015  •  16 February 2015  •  International Airport Review

With its longstanding position in the airport operations industry as an innovator and provider of surface cleaning equipment, Aebi Schmidt Key Account Manager – Airport and Rail Andreas Schwald discusses how it is enhancing its ‘green’ product offering...

Prize-winning Supra – The perfect combination of functionality and comfort

Airport news  •  8 December 2014  •  Aebi Schmidt

Schmidt Supra 5002 receives the German Design Award in the category “Excellent Product Design / Transportation and Public Design”...

Airport Operators Association presents Aebi Schmidt UK with Best Manufacturer award

Airport news  •  18 November 2014  •  Aebi Schmidt

The voice of UK airports, the Airport Operators Association (AOA), has named Aebi Schmidt UK Best Manufacturer at its recent Annual Conference & Exhibition in London...

First CO2 neutral Towed Jet Sweepers for Swedish Airports

Airport news  •  20 October 2014  •  Aebi Schmidt

The state-owned company Swedavia aims to make all 10 airports in Sweden carbon-neutral year 2020...

Winter Operations supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements  •  12 February 2014  •  David Gibbs (Met Office), Miguel Marin (ICAO), Mike Carlson / Ken Greene (Denver International Airport)

David Gibbs from the Met Office explains the role of forecasts in helping to ensure airports remain open during winter weather, a look at ICAO's globally implementable winter operations procedures, and find out why Denver International Airport is prepared for the winter season...

Final Call: Alison Conroy, Aebi Schmidt

Issue 1 2014  •  12 February 2014  •  Alison Conroy, UK Sales and Marketing Manager, Aebi Schmidt

With an enviable pedigree spanning more than 90 years, Aebi Schmidt is a leading innovator and provider of surface clearing equipment. Alison Conroy, UK Sales and Marketing Manager, discusses the company’s commitment to customer care.

Winter Operations supplement 2013 (free to view)

Issue 1 2013, Supplements  •  17 February 2013  •  Nicky Cooper, Dzintra Jātniece and Terje Selnes

Communication and coordination are key to a successful winter season (Nicky Cooper, Head of Network Operations Management, EUROCONTROL)
Riga: Prepared for the winter season (Dzintra Jātniece, Director of the Airfield Management Department, Riga Airport)
Keeping Norway open (Terje Selnes, Senior Advisor – Ground Services, Avinor HK)

Working together, working with you

Airport news  •  22 August 2012  •  Aebi Schmidt UK Limited

Introducing the Schmidt/Holder M480, the five in one, multi-purpose vehicle for ALL seasons. The Schmidt/Holder M480 offers quality, versatility, power and comfort...

Manchester Airport and Aebi Schmidt

Airport news  •  22 August 2012  •  Aebi Schmidt UK Limited

Manchester Airport recently released a comprehensive, high profile and technically detailed tender document...


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