Winter Operations supplement #1 2016

Posted: 26 January 2016 | International Airport Review | 1 comment

Featuring articles from the Met Office, Warsaw Chopin Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport…

Winter Operations Supplement 2016
  • Warsaw Chopin Airport does not fear the winter
    Ten super-modern Øveraasen snow removal kits, dozens of auxiliary machinery and a regiment of 100 experienced people, seasoned in the toughest weather – Warsaw Chopin Airport can confidently state that it fears neither snow nor frost. And as colleagues from the Polish airport explain, this season they will prove once again that the airport is one of the best prepared for winter conditions of all the airports in Europe…
  • Winter is a state of mind
    Occasional blasts of severe winter weather are a fact of life at Toronto Pearson International Airport. For Craig Bradbrook, Vice President of Aviation Services, the key to minimising their impact is ensuring that everyone shares a belief in the value of collaboration…
  • Innovating the de-icing tradition
    Historically, aerospace de/anti-icing technology has grown from the original concept of applying a freeze-point suppressant chemical to the wings of aircrafts. In a market whereby such a norm has influenced the entire de-icing industry, including the development of test methods, how can new life be injected into the way we de-ice to meet the age-old problems faced in winter periods? Aircraft de-icing fluid expert at LNT Solutions, Tim Peyton, explains how seemingly subtle changes to application technology, control systems and methodology are the principal drivers for the innovations which are now revolutionising de/anti-icing technology…
  • Preparing for the worst
    Winter weather can present a unique set of challenges when it comes to the smooth running of an airport. Jon Dutton, Business Manager of the Met Office Aviation team, looks to the future of forecasting in the UK…
  • Winter Operations Roundtable
    Moderated by Craig Bradbrook, Vice President – Aviation Services, Toronto Pearson International Airport, GTAA

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