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NEXTT Vision: From concept to implementation – during and post-COVID-19


As a joint initiative of ACI and IATA, NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) creates a shared vision for the future of travel. While the first webinar confirmed the validity of and the need for the concepts of NEXTT in these difficult times for the air travel industry, this second webinar looked…

Adopting virtual twin technology to optimise airport operations

ON-DEMAND By Dassault Systèmes

Most airports are facing challenges around planning optimally for variations in passenger demand and allocating the required resources at the right time and location. The current pandemic has only emphasised this need for agility. Today, decisions must be made faster with greater confidence to meet growing challenges. Airports need to…

Re-inventing airport non-aeronautical revenue generation post COVID-19


The travel industry has been decimated by COVID-19 and airports have become white elephants for many months. When the big resumption happens, recovery is anything but guaranteed. There will be a new breed of travellers, concerned about very different things from the past. They will be more concerned about safety…

Discussing the impacts of COVID-19 on the NEXTT vision


As a  joint initiative of ACI and IATA, NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) creates a shared vision for the future of travel. The COVID-19 pandemic and the impacts it has had on travel, passenger confidence and airport operations has further confirmed the validity of and need for concepts of NEXTT.…

Creating safe airport environments for passengers whilst optimising costs

ON-DEMAND By Honeywell

Preparing for the new normal in airports: The global coronavirus outbreak has created an increasing number of challenges to individuals, communities and companies while strongly impacting travel, transportation and healthcare. While some governments across the globe announced stimuli packages, the aviation industry is still working to determine how the current…

COVID-19: Live aviation industry briefing – Vladimir Zubkov

ON-DEMAND By The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)

Dedicated to supporting the recovery of aviation, Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General at The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), will discuss innovative procedures available to protect the air cargo sector, and increase its resiliency in the future.

How does border control policy impact passenger flow at airports?


While airports have to process an increasing number of passengers, they experience ever more stringent immigration border control, induced by States’ regulations. Moreover, a recent study from IATA demonstrates how border control is a bottleneck in the passenger flow process, resulting in increasing traveller dissatisfaction. International hubs have to equip…