Securing operations technology and building cyber resilience for airports

Watch this cybersecurity webinar to hear from Mirel Sehic, the Vice President General Manager of Cybersecurity for Honeywell Building Technologies about how they are helping customers’ efforts globally to protect their operational technology (OT) cybersecurity critical infrastructure environments.

As airports become more and more digital, organisations are increasingly embracing the demand for connected environments and acknowledging their exposure to cybersecurity threats. To help defend against potential financial loss or reputational damage caused by cyber attacks, a strong cybersecurity strategy needs to be implemented – one that starts with the understanding of attacker motives and cyber risk scenarios.

As a trusted solution provider and industry leader, Honeywell takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity audits, helping you mitigate potential damage to your finances, operations, and reputation. We offer you cost-effective solutions scalable in both size and customer cybersecurity maturity level that helps optimise the integrity, availability, and safety of your systems.

Key learning points: 

  • Learn how to have a holistic approach to cybersecurity audits, for mitigating potential damage to your finances, operations, and reputation.
  • Find out about cost-effective solutions scalable in both size and customer cybersecurity maturity level that helps optimize the integrity, availability, and safety of your systems.
  • Learn how to comply with regulatory and industry standards and the new cybersecurity amendment on an emergency basis to TSA-regulated airport and aircraft operators issued by Transportation Security Administration
  • Ask our cybersecurity expert speakers questions and benefit from their knowledge and guidance.




Raghu Seelamonthula, Director | Strategy & Marketing Airside & Tower Systems, Honeywell

Raghu Seelamonthula is Director of Strategy & Growth for Airside & Towers Systems at Honeywell Airports Business. He is responsible for driving Strategy, Growth & Innovation to deliver critical outcomes for Airport Operators and Air Navigation Service Providers.

He has been in the industry for more than two decades and is a global advocate and subject matter expert for airport integration technology and the benefits it can provide to airports, airlines, air navigation service providers, communities, and the flying public. He has played various roles as Technology Strategist, Solutions Leader and Strategy & Product Leader for Airside & Towers Systems for past 15 years.

He is currently involved in various Airside & Towers Systems projects across Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Europe and actively involved in Honeywell contributions to SESAR-JU programs. He believes that innovation is seeing what everyone else has seen, thinking what no one has thought, and doing what no one else has dared.


Mirel Sehic, General Manager | Cybersecurity Vice President, Honeywell

Mirel Sehic is the vice president general manager (VPGM) of cybersecurity for Honeywell Building Technologies (HBT). He leads a team that is responsible for educating and helping customers’ efforts to protect their operational technology (OT) critical infrastructure environments. Mirel oversees the cybersecurity business globally, including the integration with development, partnerships, marketing of solutions, sales and operations.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the webinar free?
Yes – there is no charge to watch the webinar, either live or on-demand.

When will the webinar take place?
The webinar will take place live on April 27th 2023 at 14:00 BST.

Who will be moderating?
Holly Miles, Editor, International Airport Review.

I’m busy. Can I watch it later?
Yes – you can still register and you will be notified when the on-demand version is available to watch at a time that suits you.

What are the benefits of attending live?
During the live webinar, you’ll be able to pose questions to the speakers, which will then be answered during the live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

How long will the webinar be?
This webinar will last for up to one hour.

What do I need to watch this webinar?
All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Be sure to use headphones if in an office environment.

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