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Creating safe airport environments for passengers whilst optimising costs

ON-DEMAND By Honeywell

Preparing for the new normal in airports: The global coronavirus outbreak has created an increasing number of challenges to individuals, communities and companies while strongly impacting travel, transportation and healthcare. While some governments across the globe announced stimuli packages, the aviation industry is still working to determine how the current…

COVID-19: Live aviation industry briefing – Vladimir Zubkov

ON-DEMAND By The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)

Dedicated to supporting the recovery of aviation, Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General at The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), will discuss innovative procedures available to protect the air cargo sector, and increase its resiliency in the future.

How does border control policy impact passenger flow at airports?


While airports have to process an increasing number of passengers, they experience ever more stringent immigration border control, induced by States’ regulations. Moreover, a recent study from IATA demonstrates how border control is a bottleneck in the passenger flow process, resulting in increasing traveller dissatisfaction. International hubs have to equip…

COVID-19: Live aviation industry briefing – Simon Hocquard


Through this live online briefing, Simon Hocquard, Director General of CANSO, provides a first look into CANSO’s new data-driven insights, and explores how the air traffic management (ATM) sector is working on contingency plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IATA One ID: A vision for an end-to-end biometric passenger journey


Register and join us live for an introductory overview of IATA’s One ID process, whilst addressing the benefits and challenges of implementation from a multi-stakeholder viewpoint; unpacking some of the significant examples we see in operation today.

Biometrics in air travel: Solving today’s challenges with the future in mind


Today, the air transport community is experiencing extraordinary traffic growth. Speeding up the passenger process can decrease the level of security, so biometrics are a key enabler to overcome this challenge while maintaining high security standards. At IDEMIA, we believe that global biometric adoption in airports is the future and…

RFID and modern baggage messaging: Where we are and what’s next

ON-DEMAND By International Air Transport Association (IATA)

To conclude IATA’s 2019 webinar series dedicated to baggage tracking, RFID and modern baggage messaging, this last session focused on where the industry is at and what can be expected as we move towards 2020. Participants were given an overview of the important milestones achieved in 2019, which notably included…

Smart, secure airports for the modern traveller

ON-DEMAND By Unisys Corporation

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR Security threats to airports have evolved significantly over time, especially with the convergence of IT and OT. With steadily increasing passenger volumes, ensuring airport and passenger security without compromising the travellers’ airport experience is challenging. Modern travellers expect a seamless, paperless and secure travel experience, which traditional…

Optimising passenger flow with a holistic approach to resource management

ON-DEMAND By Dassault Systèmes

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR The right resource allocation is key in improving passenger flow at your airport. But without an holistic view on the operations, inefficient or even counter-productive decisions are easily made. In this webinar Dassault Systèmes explain how a passenger flow model can be used to determine the optimal…