Innovation, sustainability and passenger experience at Aena


29 March 2023



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To become international leaders in digital transformation, airport operator, Aena, continues to focus on three key pillars: optimising the passenger experience, increasing operational efficiency, and developing sustainable mobility. At the World Aviation Festival 2022 in Amsterdam, Alberto Taha Barriuso, Chief of Innovation at Aena, explains more.

Tell me about the airports in your network

Aena manages 46 airports across Spain but also 35 others worldwide; you could say that our network is rather vast. Some of our airports welcome less than half a million passengers per year and then, on the other side, we have our busier airport hubs like Adolfo Suárez Madrid‑Barajas Airport. The future of our airports heavily relies on the power of the city. Our major airports Madrid Airport and Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport are only 15 minutes, via underground, from their city centres. The main objective is to integrate this seamless and multimodal travel as part of the passengers’ airport journey and experience.

How do you provide a personalised passenger experience?

The future for the network is to reduce passenger time within the airport and moving procedures online, so that the passenger’s airport journey officially begins at home.

Part of our organisation’s new direction is three main pillars: innovation, sustainability, and passenger experience. We are uniting all our business units to reinsure that the passenger process is not complicated, and together, alongside our security, assistance, customer service experts, we are creating a simple passenger journey that is seamless at every stage of the airport journey. Across our airports, we are doing everything we can to understand our passengers, through collecting and visiting data, to recognise who they are, what they desire and where they arrive from, travelling to and so forth.

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