MBHS: Leonardo’s cross belt sorter for baggage handling

Posted: 1 April 2023 | | No comments yet

The Multisorting Baggage Handling System (MBHS) is Leonardo’s cross belt sorter, that ensures optimum handling for all items

Leonardo provides an innovative reliable BHS solution based on the Multisort Baggage Handling System (MBHS).

The sorter is the core of modern Baggage Handling Systems. The cross belt is now the preferred technology for baggage processing as it ensures optimum handling for all items, including the bags with high friction surface (e.g. wrapped in the protective plastic film or with rubber parts), with irregular shape, protruding wheels, laces and non-conventional bags.

Leonardo was pioneer in bringing latest generation cross-belt sorting technology in the airport sector, with highest number of proven successful references in leading international airports with high annual passenger traffic.

The MBHS, one of the most advanced, high-performance baggage handling systems on the market, delivers high-precision and high throughput sorting, allows for the active control of loading/unloading operations.

Advanced technologies give this product an extremely high reliability and an high operational flexibility. The intrinsic redundancy and lower footprint of the MBHS® ultimately results in highly efficient BHS systems. Reliability, security and low O&M costs are the key factors of the success of the Leonardo’s MBHS.

The MBHS® cross belt technology guarantees precision and smoothness of the baggage handling process: no bags can get stuck due to hanging of straps or to high adherences of the surfaces. The technologies and the technical architecture implemented in the MBHS® give an intrinsic redundancy to the entire sorting system. The control system modulates the speed of the sorters according to the required throughput, reducing the total length travelled by the sorter.






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