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Leonardo offers a complete range of operations and maintenance turnkey solutions that guarantee the operation and availability of the systems now as well as in the future.

Leonardo’s Customer Support & ServicesLeonardo helps customers to maintain the performance of their Baggage Handling Systems over their entire life offering a full range of technical after sale support service based on a dedicated staff, a set of advanced technological management suites and a long lasting experience in a variety of contexts.

The Leonardo’ service offers several solutions in order to cover all possible customer requirements. Leonardo delivers a best in class full maintenance turn-key solutions and, with many years of experience, is able to take in charge, manage and maintain the overall BHS system life, from design to full service. However, in case of different Customers’ needs, Leonardo is able to customize services. For Plant Operator, Leonardo provides onsite support, preventive and corrective maintenance, periodical inspection and system modernization. For Customer care, Leonardo provides training, spare parts and logistics services, remote support services, manuals update and obsolescence management.

Leonardo is constantly expanding its service solutions portfolio and optimizing its maintenance services. This includes studying new technological innovation to make machines smarter, equipped with improved diagnostics and able to do predictive analysis on the entire plant and to understand and respond faster than possible to the eventual changes and to adapt the system to customer needs and expectation.
One of these innovations is the use of Smart Glasses to improve remote assistance, providing fast support and allowing on-site staffs to consult with an expert remotely and receive response and information about how to solve the identified problems in real time. Another innovation is the sorter track inspection function. A camera installed under the sorter, combined with advanced video stream analysis software, is able to automatically detect anomalies and classify them by severity (both structural issue and/or presence of foreign objects). Benefits: increased safety, objective and repeatable checks, early intervention and prompt action to be taken when necessary.

There are 2 additional innovative services that Leonardo is studying for the business. Maintenance “on condition” on gear motors. Smart sensors installed on the motors (very easily and fast, without interrupting production), are able to capture over the lifecycle of the equipment temperature and vibration profile data. Analysis of the data allows to identify possible failures months in advance (2 or 3 months) and to carry out specific maintenance activities to prevent production lost. Digital Twin (system digitalization). By creating a digital model of the entire system or of a part of it, it is possible to measure the impact of each equipment on the production and to identify online bottlenecks based on the interdependence between equipment and throughput. The benefit of a digital model is the reduction of unscheduled events and the visualization of the causes of production losses.

The full implementation of all these services will allow Leonardo to help its Customers to better satisfy their Customers.

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