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Leonardo is one of the main players in the market of Baggage Handling Systems and one of the few able to design, implement and install complete turn-key baggage handling systems, with an extended experience in brown-field environments, including a complete suite of IT components and after sales services.

The key of Leonardo’s success is the Multisort Baggage Handling System (MBHS), the Leonardo’s sorter based on cross belt technology, one of the most sought-after technologies in the baggage handling sector, in the recent years, delivers high-precision, high throughput sorting, allows for the active control of loading/unloading operations and can handle all types of baggage, including fragile bags or those with high-friction or sticky surfaces, prominent wheels or irregular shapes.
Thanks to the recent technological evolutions, the MBHS is now able to overcome gradients of up to 15° and a vertical difference of over 8 meters.

These mean that it can now be installed in airport buildings where the security and sorting processes take place on different floors. This advantage is significant because it enables one single machine to manage both processes and to transport baggage between the different areas.

The last MBHS version introduce also others technological innovation: a new control electronics that represent a real generational step compared change to the previous version, the use of extremely durable materials for certain critical components, thus extending the longevity of the system and a new set of curves with differently sized radii to give the product a higher configurability and adaptability to any layout and satisfy every customer’s requirement.

In addition to this kind of technological evolutions, Leonardo Automation is continuing to employ resources to improve its service solutions portfolio, studying new technological innovation to make its machines smarter, equipped with improved diagnostic and able to do predictive analysis on the entire plant, to be able to understand and respond faster than possible to the eventual changes and to adapt the system to customer needs and expectation.

Leonardo is a leader in the international baggage handling market and has equipped many of the biggest European airports as well as airports in the Middle East and Asia Pacific