NEXTT: Industry-wide cost benefits

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30 April 2019

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30 April 2019

NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) reimagines on-ground and airport experiences; in particular the emerging technologies and digital transformation this involves. ACI and IATA’s jointly published NEXTT visions have attracted industry-wide agreement on the ‘what’.

So, the subsequent questions become ‘why’ and ‘how’. In presenting updates on the NEXTT initiative, including the tangible benefits and what we believe it can deliver – we hope that you can help the industry answer the question of ‘when’.

As part of the NEXTT initiative, a Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis (Preliminary CBA) was commissioned to help understand the scale, timeline and distribution of benefits and costs to the aviation industry and consumers. The stated goal of this Preliminary CBA was to provide initial quantification of the potential impact of NEXTT on future aviation infrastructure demand, and to understand the combined impact of these technologies.


Anne Carnall, Programme Manager, NEXTT from IATA
Drawing on her engineering and airport planning background, Anne promotes collaboration, innovation and use of technology to drive development of the NEXTT vision and transform the industry.

Nina Brooks, Director, Security, Facilitation and IT from Airports Council International (ACI) World
Nina provides support to the airport community in terms of best practices and standards, represents airports interests, and encourages industry collaboration to identify improvements in the travel experience while promoting security throughout the journey.

Will Squires, Digital Lead, Cities and Development and Aviation from SNC-Lavalin Atkins
An unusual combination of data scientist, engineer, planner and strategist, Will has spent his career working with major organisations on how technology will drive and change how we deliver construction and infrastructure projects.

Kate Markhvida, Senior Economist from IATA

Kate specialises in economic appraisals including cost-benefit analyses of investment projects and policy initiatives.


  1. NEXTT – the industry strategy for on-ground transformation
  2. The benefits of a coordinated, strategic approach
  3. Findings from a Cost-Benefit Analysis
  4. What’s needed to implement the NEXTT vision
  5. Interact session to gain your feedback on how to progress the strategy vision to implemented transformations

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