A day in the life of seamless travel – the next chapter of modern aviation

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6 November 2019

Supported by:

6 November 2019


Seamless travel is connecting travellers to airports, airlines and governments in a manner that is transforming the experience inside and outside the airport ecosystem.

Industry initiatives including, One-ID and Known Traveller Digital Identity systems (KTDI), are leading the way in reshaping and transforming the traveller experience by allowing a seamless journey throughout the entire travel ecosystem – not just the airport. It is increasingly becoming the model for enhanced passenger clearance, flow efficiency, identity security and capacity structure.

The Vision-Box passenger-centric solution focus combines people, process and technology to lead this transformation by exploring the full capability and capacity of collaborative stakeholder networks. One-ID and KTDI are evolving the passenger experience inside and outside the airport through contactless biometric identification and Mobile ID technologies. In doing so it reshapes and enriches the relationship between airports, airlines, governments and travellers all over the world, unleashing the power of digital identities for a safer and better world.

This webinar explored the current developments of seamless travel around the world through real-life implementation, lessons learned and subsequent best practice.

It also provided an insight on the increasingly important role of Identity-Management-as-a-Service platforms, managed by governments themselves or by travel industry stakeholders (airlines, airports and others). It provided some light to the future crucial role of digital identity and the pivotal role of biometrics and data-protection schemes in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem.


  • Learn about the latest seamless travel programmes, leveraging digital identities biometrics, and their status
  • How to ultimately create the end-to-end journey, using trusted network of connected governments (KTDI, One-ID)
  • Lessons learned and best practices for a successful implementation of a seamless travel programme
  • Which technological and regulatory bricks are key to harmoniously integrate within the legacy space of aviation platforms.



  António Cruz, Chief Digital Officer, Vision-Box
  Aaron Beeson, Head of Business Consulting, Vision-Box


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