Episode 11 – Reimagining Airports

In this episode we speak to five airport experts who will be speaking at the International Airport Summit 2022

In this podcast, International Airport Review Editor Holly Miles, spoke with five airport experts about the challenges airports are currently facing in the post-pandemic era of travel with workforce shortages, long queues and baggage pile ups. They also discussed the opportunities for airports in areas such as digitalisation, accessibility, advanced air mobility, and personalisation of the passenger journey.

All of the podcast guests will be attending the International Airport Summit 2022 taking place on 19-20 October at the iconic Twickenham Stadium in London.

Guests included:

  • Jean-Sebastien Pard, Senior Manager, Facilitation, Passenger Services and Operations, ACI World
  • Thomas Romig, Vice President of Safety, Security & Operations, ACI World
  • Marlon van der Meer,  Chief Business Development Officer of BagsID Network.
  • Kirk Goodlet, Director, Facilitation and Product Development, Winnipeg Airports Authority
  • Trevor Strome, Director, Digital Airport Solutions, Winnipeg Airports Authority


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