The future of self-service? A quickfire insight from eezeetags

Eezeetags’ CEO Borry Vrieling grants us an insight into the exciting future of self-service in airports.

  1. Just how significant is the industry shift towards self-service?

This will be the only way forward. Ever since the new players entered the market, still known as low-cost carriers, self-service has come to define many airport operations. In my opinion, this is the new business model for operators.

Air travel has become more affordable and customers want it to be easy and affordable. This automatically demands a focus on low operational costs, self-service can bring this without compromising on experience.

  1. What sets eezeetags apart in this respect?

Eezeetags is the only self-service bag tag that makes use of the existing technology and yet is easy-to-use for passengers.

  1. How key is the concept of self-service to reducing queues and elevating the level of passenger experience in airports?

By now it is a proven fact that self-service bag drop is 10 times faster than a desk/agent operated bag drop. It therefore immediately reduces queues to only short peak moments in the day.

This is perceived as such a big advantage by the passengers, that the fact they need to do stuff themselves, gives them a feel of control instead of a lack of service.

  1. What does 2017 hold for eezeetags?

Eezeetags will again, like last year, double the produced volume of eezeetags.

  1. On a more general note, what is the biggest challenge airport and aviation faces at present?

Creating a safe passenger environment and whilst doing that keeping up with demand without giving in on service at affordable rates.

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