AITS 2019: Discussing strategies for the future of airports

Day two of AITS 2019 has opened with a push for sharing strategies to ensure airports are future-ready.


Day two of the Airport and Security Conference 2019 (AITS) has opened with a similar note of teamwork being a key theme. Tara Mulrooney, Chair of the conference’s second day, reflected on the previous day of networking and learning.

Mulrooney especially noted Heathrow Airport’s baggage strategy session from day one which covered the airport’s progress on implementation on resolution 753 and how much it has contributed to improving data-sharing within the industry. 

Indeed, sharing strategies was very much a dominant theme at the beginning of day one so that airports are prepared for the future. Even though it was a theme the day before, Mulrooney emphasised the importance of having a strategy for sustainability initiatives to lower an airport carbon’s footprint, noting a conversation she had with representatives from Norway who are looking at electric planes. “But what does that mean to the master plan of an airport?” she asked the audience. “This is why we need strategies in place.”

Another key trend mentioned in the opening speech was 5G. “5G is important but we need to strategise how we can implement this in regards to infrastructure,” Mulrooney continued. “How are we going to do this? Everything is going wireless so how are we going to build a foundation for this? We need to strategise.”

With sessions on day two including an exciting panel discussion on IATA and ACI’s jointly published NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) vision and Copenhagen Airport showing how it has used the Digital Twin concept on a number of projects, the second day of AITS looks to be a central hub of strategy-sharing to ensure airports are ready for the changes ahead.

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