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Issue 5 2015



The physically demanding field of ground handling

21 October 2015 | By

Hamburg Airport is a pioneer in health management for ground handling services. The work they do is diverse and full of variety, but it is also very demanding. Not a single plane could take off from Hamburg Airport if it were not for the approximately 900 employees of the ground…


IATA’s keeping baggage on track

16 October 2015 | By

In June 2013, there were several new resolutions for baggage that appeared in the IATA Passenger Services Conference Resolution Manual. One is a brief text that describes baggage tracking, but it is set to make big changes in the industry. Resolution 753 packs a lot into a small space. The…


Delivering the ‘Manchester Airport Transformation Programme’

14 October 2015 | By

In June 2015, Ken O’Toole, Managing Director of Manchester Airport, unveiled a £1 billion transformation programme for the UK’s third biggest airport. For International Airport Review, Ken covers how the 10-year phased investment programme will transform Manchester Airport, ensuring that it continues to thrive as a national asset and play…


London Luton Airport: Building for the future of airports

13 October 2015 | By

Several months on, debate, intrigue and media speculation continue to reverberate around Sir Howard Davies’s report into airport capacity. Whilst the final outcome on where to build an additional runway remains uncertain, what is clear is that it will take more than a decade to become a reality. In the…


Airport Construction & Design supplement 2015

28 September 2015 | By Nick Barton, Ken O’Toole, Jurgen Renner

In this Airport Construction & Design supplement: Nick Barton, CEO at London Luton Airport shares their ambitious plans to expand by 50%, Ken O’Toole, Managing Director at Manchester Airport discusses the ‘Manchester Airport Transformation Programme’, and Jurgen Renner from IATA Consulting explains how to improve and optimise the LoS of…


The role of ANSPs in European aviation

28 September 2015 | By Guenter Martis, Director European Affairs at CANSO

Air traffic management (ATM) provided by air navigation service providers (ANSPs) is the invisible part of the air transport value chain but it is the essential enabler for the air transport system. In this article Guenter Martis, Director European Affairs at CANSO, will lay out what ANSPs are doing to…


Are you part of EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC)?

28 September 2015 | By Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager at EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) covers the air traffic over 42 countries – from Ireland to Armenia and from Morocco to Finland. So it has a good idea of what is happening in Europe’s airspace – but not always what is happening on the ground. Although some airports are…


Sustainability initiatives helping airports address climate change

28 September 2015 | By Katherine Preston, Senior Director for Environmental Affairs at ACI-NA

Katherine Preston, Senior Director for Environmental Affairs at ACI-NA, explores the challenges of climate change for the airport industry and identifies what steps airports in the U.S. and Canada are taking by increasing the resiliency of their infrastructure and facilities...


Assessing runway wake turbulence

28 September 2015 | By Bo Redeborn, Independent Aviation Consultant

Wake turbulence behind aircraft has always been an issue. Approximately 50 years ago, when bigger aircraft became part of normal operations, ICAO developed provisions for how to address this risk. The solution was to allocate all aircraft based on MTOW into three categories – light, medium and heavy – and…


Working together to combat the threat of climate change

28 September 2015 | By Michael Gill, Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG)

Michael Gill is Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) – the only global association that represents all sectors of the air transport industry. Its mission is to promote aviation’s sustainable growth for the benefit of global society. Here, Michael explains why this year is important where climate…


Baggage Handling supplement 2015

22 September 2015 | By Andrew Price, Heini Noronen-Juhola, Christian Noack

In this Baggage Handling supplement: IATA’s keeping baggage on track, Finavia speeds up air travel with the latest technology; The physically demanding field of ground handling...