Airport Construction & Design supplement 2015

Posted: 28 September 2015 | Nick Barton, Ken O’Toole, Jurgen Renner | No comments yet

In this Airport Construction & Design supplement: Nick Barton, CEO at London Luton Airport shares their ambitious plans to expand by 50%, Ken O’Toole, Managing Director at Manchester Airport discusses the ‘Manchester Airport Transformation Programme’, and Jurgen Renner from IATA Consulting explains how to improve and optimise the LoS of an airport…

Airport Construction & Design supplement 2015
  • London Luton Airport: Building for the future
    Nick Barton, CEO, London Luton Airport
  • Delivering the ‘Manchester Airport Transformation Programme’
    Ken O’Toole, Managing Director, Manchester Airport
  • Improving and optimising the LoS of an airport
    Jurgen Renner, Senior Manager, IATA Consulting

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