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Phil Fine



Stepping up airport security following the Ataturk Airport attack

14 July 2016 | By

Just three-and-a-half months after terrorists killed 32 people at Brussels International Airport, terrorists struck Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, killing 45. Shortly after the Brussels attack, journalist Phil Fine spoke to Dr Amira Halperin, an expert on Mideast media and politics, on what Israel can teach Europe about airport security. He…


Europe’s next gateway?

23 June 2016 | By

Nicholas Coleman, Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, spoke to journalist Phil Fine exclusively for International Airport Review about how Istanbul New Airport stacks up against Dubai International Airport...


Aerotropolis: The economic engine of the 21st century

26 May 2016 | By

The railway may have been the economic engine of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. But the aerotropolis – specifically, an airport and its cluster of aviation-linked businesses and commercial operations – is destined to be the economic engine of the 21st century. But compared to other…


How can you avoid a Brussels-style attack?

19 April 2016 | By

The attack on Brussels Airport in March 2016 exposed gaping holes in that facility’s security. But Israeli airports, despite facing greater threats, haven’t seen a terrorist attack in years. Exclusively for International Airport Review, journalist Phil Fine has conducted an interview with Dr Amira Halperin looking into how airports can…