Concessionaire Analyzer+

CA Plus Ltd, SkyParks Business Centre
Malta International Airport
LQA 4000

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Concessionaire Analyzer+ is a software solution that integrates with existing airport infrastructures to enable airports to manage and improve the entire non-aeronautical funnel from sales data collection and BI reporting to contract and property management. CA+ empowers you to:

  • Increase retail sales: The thorough analysis afforded by CA+’s BI engine allows you to segment and target passengers.
  • Expand profitably: Know exactly what sells and generates the healthiest revenues whilst improving your retail-mix to maximise revenue potential.
  • Protect revenues: An automated, streamlined process enables airports to better control and manage the sector.
  • Improve concessionaire relations: A dedicated, role-based, web-portal and shareable reports add value to all stakeholders to identify ‘points of improvement’ so that both airport and concessionaires benefit.

Through a number of sales data collection tools, CA+ is able to record all non-aeronautical transactions in a secure and safe manner without hindering concessionaire processes or increasing workload. An extensive data management toolset is able to properly categorise data and derive reports against key metrics including assessment of spend by passenger, carrier, route, day and time, providing a clear picture of patterns and trends.

Its API allows connections to such systems as FIDS and AODBs for a 360 view, whilst its contract and property management modules not only cover the entire funnel management but automate billing including any varying elements, and reduce workload on airport commercial teams.

  • Capture Concessionaire Sales Data
  • Obtain meaningful Business Intelligence
  • Manage Commercial Contracts
  • Manage Property and Utilities
  • Automate Revenue Calculation and Billing