Business software firm creates new tool to help airports manage their properties

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Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+), the leading solution globally in airport non-aeronautical revenue management, has extended the property management functionality of CA+ to include Space Management.

space management

CONCESSIONS: CA+'s new tool is designed to help airports make the most of their assets

The new Space Management capabilities complement the already available Contract and Property management module within CA+, which enable airports to input commercial contract details into the solution and manage their properties and spaces from within, automatically calculating revenues due through rents, revenue shares, minimum guarantees, any additional charges and utilities consumption.

According to CA Plus CEO, John de Giorgio, the new Space Manager provides airport commercial teams with a graphical representation of space and property resource availability for different types of properties, in different airports or terminals and of various sizes, at any point in time. “It gives property managers the ability to visualise which spaces will soon be available for rent. This allows better space optimisation and the leasing of spaces without having to browse through separate contracts.”

The graphical representation uses colour to help commercial teams and property managers identify the status of commercial spaces within the airport. Red is used for rented spaces while green is used for those available. With contracts, placed on a timeline, airports can easily see which spaces are soon to be available and can work on getting those occupied.

The Space Manager not only incorporates retail and food and beverage commercial spaces but also all areas that provide a source of non-aeronautical revenue to the airport, including pop-up areas, car parks, office spaces, stores, hangars and more.

The system automatically pulls the data from contracts already in the system, requiring no further manual intervention. With this functionality in hand, CA+ increases the level of automation available to airport commercial teams, reducing the manual work that is typical within many airport environments, reducing costs and increasing effectiveness.

The CA+ solution enables airports to improve the management and analysis of their concession-based commercial business through a central platform, allowing them to maximise their non-aeronautical revenues. This includes any revenues derived from retail concessions, F&B, car parking and car rental concessions, advertising, property and real estate, and much more.

Airports are also able to fully automate the sales data collection process, eliminating entirely the manual processes used today in collecting monthly sales data from concessions. Sales data is, therefore, not only more accurate and punctual but is also collected in far more detail than is otherwise possible, allowing airports to truly analyse performance and work with concessions to improve their own results. This and more is done without having to oblige concessions to change their POS and Inventory systems, as they continue to use their own, ensuring the least disruption or change throughout the implementation process.

CA Plus Ltd will be showcasing their solution at the ACI-NA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas, next month. Airports are welcome to discuss improving their non-aeronautical revenues, or request an online demo prior to the event by emailing [email protected]

About CA+
CA+ is the ground-breaking solution for controlling, managing and boosting airport non-aeronautical revenues. CA+ provides facilities to manage concession and property contracts, automate billing, capture detailed sales data, and incorporates a business intelligence and reporting platform that enables airports to obtain insights into their sales patterns to boost revenues and performance.

CA Plus Ltd forms part of the Gentrack Group, together with Airport 20/20 and Blip Systems, adding value to the airport market.

About Gentrack
Gentrack provides essential software for essential services, pairing powerful platforms with deep market knowledge to help utilities and airports lower service costs, foster innovation and confidently navigate market reform. It employs over 350 people in offices across New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe and services over 200 utility and airport sites in 20 countries with its leading solutions including Gentrack Velocity, Junifer, Airport 20/20, BlipTrack and Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+)

Velocity and Junifer are leading billing and customer management solutions providing a full range of proven capabilities from SaaS solutions for new entrant energy and water suppliers, to cloud hosted and on premise solutions for larger utilities in competitive markets where flexibility, uniqueness and compliance are essential.

Airport 20/20, BlipTrack and CA+ provide a comprehensive solution suite engineered to connect and unlock the value of airport operational, revenue, concession and passenger data. This real-time insight enables airports to run a more efficient operation, uncover new growth opportunities and build an outstanding traveller experience.

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