Speaker Series: Airport IT & Security

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Wilfried Covent, Senior Security Expert at Brussels Airport and Chairman of the ACI Europe Security Committee, discusses his highlights from Airport IT & Security 2018 and what he will be looking forward to at this year’s event.

Speaker Series: Airport IT & Security

Looking back at Airport IT & Security 2018, what did you enjoy talking about most?

I enjoyed the way the event was organised – the feedback sessions with the public, and the possibility to approach the suppliers at the different booths. 

Personally I preferred the typical aviation/airport security topics – these are future proof.

What did you enjoy hearing discussed most at Airport IT & Security?

Topics which are relevant for the airport security audience, as such new screening technology, and experience sharing on this matter.

How can you see the industry changing over the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, the results of the operational trials with EDS Cabin Baggage screening machines will become more clear. Based on this experience, airports will start to install this type of equipment, facilitating the passenger experience (keeping liquids/electronics inside their cabin bags). There will also be the potential upcoming discussion with the EU Commission on the mandatory requirements for EDS CB.

What are the biggest challenges currently facing the industry?

Security, 100 per cent, with the increased number of passenger numbers and facing the limits of capacity. Passenger number differentiation (security level applied, based on risk/threat level per passenger) might be the trigger and present a way forward.

Looking ahead to Airport IT & Security 2019, what do you think will be the most discussed topics?

Again passenger numbers, screening technology (and their cabin bag), it’s a major turn around now for airports.

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Wilfried Covent

At Airport IT & Security 2018, Wilfried Covent took part in a panel discussion about the issues directly affecting airport security measures. 

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