Birmingham Airport (BHX)

Birmingham Airport (IATA code: BHX) is an international airport located in Solihill, some six miles south east of Birmingham city centre in England.

Initially opened as Elmdon Airport in 1939, flights were purely domestic and the airport was soon requisitioned by the RAF at the start of the Second World War. The airport returned to civilian use in 1948 and was subsequently renamed Birmingham International Airport. In 2010 it was decided that the ‘International’ would be dropped from the name. At the same time, British Airways also stopped operating flights through Birmingham and instead routed them through Manchester, London Gatwick and London Heathrow airports.

Birmingham Airport featured the world’s first commercial maglev train which was began operating in 1984, however it was closed down permanently in 1995 after multiple breakdowns.

Birmingham Airport is comprised of two terminal buildings connected by a building known as the Millennium Link and a single runway, 3,052 metres in length.