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Zurich Airport (ZRH)


Balancing seamless travel with the passenger experience

27 November 2016 | By

Airports have evolved significantly over the past decades; from functional hubs to multimodal service centres. In order to ease the use of these platforms, new technologies have been implemented under the umbrella of ‘seamless travel’, including self-service kiosks (CUSS), automated gates and automated bag drop facilities. However, where the seamless…

The Circle: Zurich’s second centre

8 December 2014 | By Beat Pahud, Project Leader, 'The Circle' Project

Switzerland’s biggest commercial property development is taking shape on Zurich Airport’s doorstep. ‘The Circle’ Project Leader, Beat Pahud, reveals how the project is set to revolutionise Zurich The Circle – a breath-taking plan which envisages a small town all in one building – is currently Switzerland’s biggest commercial property development.

E-gates at Zurich Airport

8 December 2011 | By Albert Steiner, Robin Breu and Patrick Bruderer, Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Manuel Renold, Simulation Expert at Zurich Airport

The airline industry is facing enormous challenges today and even more so in the future. The continuing increase of passenger and freight transport demand, the competition among airlines and the resulting cost pressure forces airlines to continually adapt and optimise their processes. In addition, the cost of delays for all…

Let it snow

5 October 2011 | By Hanspeter Moll, Head of Airfield Maintenance and Winter Operations, Zurich Airport

In over 60 years of operation, Zurich Airport has never had to be closed down because of snow – a fact the airport is immensely proud of. Last year Several European airports fought harsh winter weather conditions and some hubs – such as Frankfurt and London Heathrow – had to…

A hub in the heart of Europe

8 August 2011 | By Thomas E. Kern, CEO of Flughafen Zurich AG

Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s gateway to the world. Last year, a total of 22.9 million passengers departed from, arrived at, or transferred via Zurich Airport, thus making it not only the region’s most important transport hub, but also its most highly-frequented shopping and services centre. Approximately 270 companies operate at…

A winter day at Zurich Airport

16 July 2009 | By Urs Haldimann, Deputy Head Airport Operations & Head De-icing Coordination, Unique (Flughafen Zurich AG)

During the mid-90's, the planning of the new Midfield Terminal started and during the planning process the idea was born to create two de-icing pads, allowing a remote treatment of the aircraft, replacing the difficult to handle and more time consuming on-stand process. As a requirement for this so-called "fifth…

A unique brand of airport

11 September 2006 | By Urs Brütsch, Head of Marketing Communication, Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG)

Winning passenger figures depend on winning passenger trust. Urs Brütsch explains the role of marketing in securing the hearts, minds and business of consumers.

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