Piksel Airport Takeoff is your business companion to burst airport non-aeronautical revenues

A ready to use solution: web portal, iOS/Android mobile App and a complete set of digital services for all required integrations with the airport ecosystem and partners.

Our solutions are dedicated to travelers and include everything it is needed when flying or visiting the airports.

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Over 40% of global airport revenues derive from commercial revenues related to non-aeronautical activities at the airport.

To exploit these increasing revenue opportunities, it is vital to provide your Customers with a seamless digital experience throughout their whole journey.

Airport Takeoff by Piksel is an off-the-shelf, ready to use ancillary solution, which includes a full feature web portal, an iOS and Android mobile application and a complete set of digital services for all needed integrations with the airport legacy systems and digital partners.

It includes everything you need to create and maintain you digital presence leveraging on it to consolidate and burst revenues.

It is an off-the-shelf, ready to use ancillary solution suite, composed by a full feature web portal, a mobile application and a complete set of digital services for all integrations with your systems and your digital partners.

Fully featured mobile App and web portal with User Interface customizable according to the brand identity of the airport empowered by a natively headless content management system to centralize editorial control of your digital presence.

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Unified experience
Built on a framework-oriented architecture and a powerful middleware layer Airport Takeoff is designed to bring all travel hub information and services together into a unified experience that sits in the users’ hand. It can also be integrated with the airport AODB or any other service that an airport already has in its ecosystem. From a User experience perspective it fully integrates with all the native features that any smartphone has like biometric authentication, push notifications and augmented reality features.

Revenue opportunities
For travel hubs with retails partners, the Airport Takeoff solution can send targeted push notifications to your passengers to enable proximity marketing campaigns. Thanks to its integration with Piksel’s Beacon Manager, airports can manage indoor navigation features, marketing campaigns or enable click & collect functionality. It also integrates with airport retail, food & beverage and travel partners giving the passenger an improved experience that will increase engagement while also providing you with valuable passenger insight and information. With Airport Takeoff transport hubs will be able to build up far more accurate pictures of the passengers that travel with them, enabling further improvements to hub services and enhancing the quality of passenger’s travel experiences. Its layout and user interface can be fully customised in order to fit the brand identity of any airport or airline.

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The ideal companion for small and medium airports

With Piksel Airport Takeoff it is possible to deliver an improved transport hub experience to passengers offering at their fingertips all the information they might need and at the same time enabling business opportunity for the Airports. Its white label design makes it ideally for small & medium airports which will take benefit of all the standard ready to use features without the need of any specific development or integration work and making it quickly available for their Customer base. Therefore after a simple branding of the interface with colors and airport brand book the stakeholders will immediately be in the position to verify the efficiency and the business insight empowered. Furthermore the cloud native deployment allows the required flexibility scalability, reliability and robustness and is aligned with a business model based on Software as a service approach which means no need of software setup on premise, related support recurring costs and devoted IT resources.

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