Biometrics, the new normal: How to implement an end-to-end Seamless Flow programme

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7 November 2018

Supported by:

7 November 2018


Lining up and waiting at every airport chokepoint is a thing of the past. Contactless identity management via biometrics has become the essence of modern passenger experience. A seamless end-to-end journey where your face is your passport is core to the aviation digital transformation.

How can todays’ airports sustainably implement the 4.0 disruption? How can it boost capacity, experience and revenue? How can privacy be safeguarded?

This webinar flies you through the core pillars of 21st century airport management. Learn about the best practices, lessons learned and success stories!


Jean-Francois LennonJean-François Lennon, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Vision-Box

Jeff supports airports and airlines to modernise and expand their business, by adopting end-to-end identity management solutions and seamless experiences, towards more security, efficiency and revenue.

Aaron Beeson, Director – Business Solutions, Vision-Box

Aaron seeks to combine people, process and technology to create new and innovative solutions. Focused on creating local value for airports, airlines, government and, of course, the passenger.

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