Focus on passengers and become an ‘ENERport’ to grow your revenues

International Airport Review Editor Holly Miles caught up with Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General of ACI World at ACI’s World Annual General Assembly 2023 in Barcelona.

In this exclusive interview, Holly and Felipe discussed the themes from this year’s conference, the challenges facing airports, how they will double the size of the industry by 2041 and how they will raise the $2.4 trillion to invest in sustainability.

They went on to discuss the opportunities such as digitalisation that airports must capitalise on and viewing the airport system as a whole, rather than siloed touchpoints; how they can incentivise the use of sustainable aviation fuels with investment and subsidies.

Felipe said airports must focus on the passenger because if you have 1% increase in passenger satisfaction, their spending will increase by 1.5%. This shows that if you invest in the quality and experience, you will see a return.

Felipe went on to say that airports can participate in the energy transition for the whole aviation ecosystem and can move towards becoming energy hubs or ‘ENERports’ that supply the whole ecosystem that services the airports.

Felipe spoke about the work he is doing with the World Economic Forum on the Airports of Tomorrow initiative to accelerate aviation’s decarbonisation and the four pillars that will help with this.

Four pillars of the Airports of Tomorrow initiatives:

  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainable aviation fuels
  • Finance
  • Innovation

Finally, Felipe spoke about what is keeping him awake at night.

Watch the exclusive interview now. 

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