In conversation with Rafael Echevarne, Director General of ACI-LAC

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Watch this exclusive interview with Rafael Echevarne, Director General of ACI-LAC, which took place at the ACI World WAGA 2021 in Cancun, Mexico.

During the recent ACI World WAGA 2021 in Cancun, International Airport Review Editor, Holly Miles, caught up with Rafael Echevarne, Director General of ACI-LAC – the host region of the Annual General Assembly to discuss his region’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, how ACI-LAC is working with governments to aid the recovery of their members, the obstacles for the next year of air travel, opportunities from the pandemic, as well as climate change and how the airports in Latin America are leading the way in sustainability. Echevarne also went on to outline his lessons learned from the pandemic and the key takeaways from the World Annual General Assembly.

Mexico has been enjoying high numbers of passengers which are almost back at 2019 levels, with airports such as Cancun and Tijuana enjoying numbers above 2019 levels with +12 per cent and +22 per cent respectively in October. This sends a very clear message that travel restrictions kill demand says Echevarne, and in particular quarantine, which is why countries such as Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic who have had very few travel restrictions are recovering the fastest. The Latin America and Caribbean region came in at only 35 per cent below 2019 levels in September this year.

*Disclaimer: This interview was filmed in November 2021 and reflected the conditions at that time. 

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