A growing number of Christmas tourists arrive in Lapland

Posted: 18 November 2022 | | No comments yet

The Christmas season is set to begin at Finavia’s airports, with the first charter flights from Europe landing at Ivalo Airport and Kittilä Airport from 25 November 2022.

Credit: Finavia

The Christmas season will begin at Finavia’s airports on 25 November 2022, when the first charter flights from Europe will land at Ivalo Airport (IVL) and Kittilä Airport (KTT). However, nowadays more and more tourists are arriving in Lapland on scheduled flights.

“The pristine nature of Lapland, Santa Claus and the magnificent Northern Lights are attracting more and more tourists. This is evident in the willingness of airlines to launch regular scheduled flights to Lapland. Scheduled flights are a good reflection of the demand potential and appeal of the area. For people living in Lapland, scheduled flights mean direct and fast connections to European destinations,” commented Jonna Pietilä, Finavia’s VP Lapland airports.

According to preliminary data, the number of international Christmas flights is set to increase by about 10 per cent this year (2022) compared to last year (2021). The number of charter flights is higher, but in relative terms the biggest increase comes from new scheduled flights.

“Last year, the largest number of tourists came from the UK. Tourists also flew in from other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. This year, there will be Christmas flights from places as far away as Turkey.”

Pietilä added that the airports are looking forward to the Christmas season and tourists arriving in Lapland.

“Lapland’s airports are in good shape, and we have invested a lot in the functionality and comfort of our airports. Over the past ten years, Finavia’s investments in Lapland airports have risen to more than €100 million.”

In addition to making large investments, Finavia works to improve the services of its airports and the smoothness of travel every year. New features for the upcoming Christmas season include the Ivalo Airport café, a third passenger boarding bridge at Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) and improved facilities for passengers arriving at Kittilä Airport.

“The development of tourism in Lapland is the result of long-term work, in which Finavia plays a significant role. For several decades now, we have been developing the passenger experience of our airports and investing in marketing Lapland and developing flight connections together with our partners. In March 2023, it will be 30 years since the first charter flight from France arrived at Kittilä Airport. Air Provence’s flight brought in Central European tourists to admire the winter in Lapland,” concluded Jonna Pietilä.

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