Youth passenger lounge launches at Istanbul Airport

iGA Istanbul Airport has achieved another airport first by opening a ‘Youth Lounge’, which offer an exclusive space and travel experience for younger passengers.

Strengthening its position as the world’s most important cultural hub with its unique architecture, robust infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and a premium travel experience, iGA Istanbul Airport (IST) has achieved another first by opening the ‘Youth Lounge’ to offer an exclusive, relaxing, and enjoyable travel experience to young passengers.

Ranked among the world’s best in aviation and standing out with its premium service offering, iGA Istanbul Airport has inaugurated the ‘Youth Lounge’ offering exclusive services for younger people. Aiming to transform the time spent at the airport into a unique experience, the ‘Youth Lounge’ is now open at the iGA Istanbul Airport International Terminal Departure Level.

The new lounge, created to meet the needs of passengers in the 15 to 30 year age group, offers numerous possibilities to engage the attention of young people, with four-hour Wi-Fi service at a small fee of €5, a PlayStation music system, giant screen projector, table soccer, free board games sponsored by D&R, current comics and with live performances provided from time to time. Furthermore, the ‘Youth Lounge’ has been exclusively customised for Gen Z, with iGA Istanbul Airport making a difference by offering reasonably priced snacks, a selection of coffees, and seating areas which maintain social distancing.

Credit: iGA Istanbul Airport (IST)

Ersin Inankul, Chief Digital and Commercial Officer of iGA Istanbul Airport said: “Our primary goal for iGA Istanbul Airport is to carry this unique structure far beyond the point of just being a journey, and transforming our guests’ journeys into unforgettable experiences.

“Accordingly, we continue to work and plan every detail so that all our guests can leave iGA Istanbul Airport feeling completely satisfied from the very first moment that they set foot in the airport. Within this context, we have now opened the ‘Youth Lounge’, a project that we have been working on for a long time, and which is specifically geared towards our youth.

“We have thought of every detail in the ‘Youth Lounge’ to provide more entertainment for our youngsters and for them to utilise their pre-flight time more effectively. The lounge, which students from Boğaziçi University and Istanbul University also contributed to during the design stage, is a way for the dreams of youngsters to come true. We have future plans to turn this space into a focal point for the youth.”

He added: “We have designed seating and entertainment areas in line with social distancing, and numerous products and services such as games, music broadcasts and book-reading, as well as a good selection of snacks and coffee which are suitably priced for younger people, in a manner which is in keeping with the conditions of the pandemic.”

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