Eindhoven Airport to trial new baggage check-in technology

By introducing image recognition technology, passengers will be able to check in baggage at Eindhoven Airport more seamlessly.

Eindhoven Airport to trial new baggage check-in technology

Credit: Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport (EIN) has announced that it will be the testing ground for the development of advanced solutions that will make the airport more sustainable, scalable and smarter.

By making its facilities available, Eindhoven Airport will allow for the application of cutting-edge technologies – developed by Vanderlande – and run tests in a live environment, in order to innovate, optimise and simplify a number of airport processes. 

Both organisations are based in the innovative ‘Brainport’ region of the Netherlands and will collaborate with technology, design and knowledge institutes for several months (on a trial basis) to further expedite the process.

As part of the arrangement, Eindhoven Airport, Vanderlande and baggage identification specialist BagsID will apply computer learning and image recognition technology. This will allow passengers to check in an item of luggage simply by having camera equipment take a photograph of it.

In early 2021, Eindhoven Airport also intends to begin testing a self-driving vehicle on the apron, which can autonomously transfer baggage to and from aircraft. 

COO of Eindhoven Airport, Mirjam van den Bogaard, said: “The aviation industry is facing numerous challenges and, through innovation, we are looking for ways to turn these into opportunities. We have worked closely with Vanderlande for many years, who, like us, want to lead the way in the application of new techniques to improve the airport process. Our future strategy is based on the conviction that innovations in aviation can be put into practice sooner if different disciplines cooperate seamlessly.”

Vanderlande’s Market Director – Airports, Mark Lakerveld, added: “Innovation is essential in further optimising airport processes and improving the passenger experience. New technologies, robotics and digitalisation will help shape the airport of the future.”

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