GRU Airport implements measures to handle the COVID-19 crisis

João Pita, Head of Airline Business at GRU Airport – the São Paulo International Airport concessionary – details how the airport is navigating the global pandemic.

GRU Airport implements measures against COVID-19

GRU Airport has deployed a variety of prophylactic measures to protect its passengers, staff and ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The airport’s top priority is to follow the rules and guidelines set by regulatory and sanitary federal agencies; helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the airport buildings.

With air cargo key to the global recovery from COVID-19, GRU Airport is monitoring operational capacity in regard to flight management and ensuring the transport of essential goods – in particular medicines and hospital equipment – continues as is required. 

The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) recommended a variety of measures, resulting in the airport:

  • Measuring the body temperature of all domestic and international passengers during the departure procedure
  • Frequently reviewing the hygienic procedures, mainly those recommended by governmental departments
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning the common airport areas
  • Reinforcing the use of disposable supplies, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap and alcohol gel
  • Installing new alcohol gel dispensers at points with high passenger movement
  • Partaking in biological decontamination on common places, as the passenger and cargo terminals – including aisles, balconies, stares, elevators, floor, toilets and the superficies – are often touched by the public
  • Frequently disclosing internal notices to the airport’s employees and airport community on COVID-19 prevention tips and recommendations on the regular use of Individual Protection Equipment (IPEs)
  • Disclosing warning reminders and federal warning videos on the GRU Airport’s official channels
  • Appling stickers on the floor to recommend the regular two-metre distance between individuals
  • Reinforcing communication campaigns on COVID-19 preventions
  • Disclosing a unique FAQs on COVID-19 on the São Paulo International Airport and GRU Airport websites.  
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