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As the last in the series for IATA and ACI’s NEXTT vision, we get to know the speakers of the Interactive Decision Making webinar.

interactive decision making

Henk Mulder

Head, Digital Cargo, IATA

Marie Masserey

Head of Industry Architecture, IATA

Serge Yonke Nguewo

Senior Manager, Facilitation and IT, ACI World

Role within the NEXTT vision?

MH: Develop vision for digitalisation of air cargo

MM: Alignment of various initiatives from scheduling, through distribution to airport operations

SYN: Addressing digital transformation in the aviation industry

What do you think the biggest challenges for aviation in the next 20 years will be?

HM: Sustainability

MM: Managing the environmental impact

SYN: Staff shortage

How do you think we will cope with this?

HM: Manage transport as a limited resource

MM: Environmental impact  will be a key factor in all industry decision making

SYN: Generate interest to young people and non-aviation people

What do you think will change the most in the next 20 years of aviation?

HM: Scale; I expect the scale of all activities and infrastructure to increase dramatically

MM: The industry will move from schedule-based services to transportation on-demand

SYN: The use of drones for passenger and cargo transportation

How can real-time interactive decision making help the passenger?

HM: Insulate the passenger from complexity of air transport; making the experience transparent

MM: The passenger will become an active participant in the process

SYN: In being proactive

What is the main issue raised in your webinar?

HM: Develop transparent and direct access to data to support airfreight industry

MM: Moving to real-time decision making on an industry scale requires the industry to transform its data exchange ecosystem.

SYN: Raise awareness among aviation industry stakeholders for better collaboration

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