NEXTT Emerging Themes: Interactive Decision Making

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6 December 2018

Supported by:

6 December 2018


Decision making – trusted data for real-time interactive decisions

In the concluding part of the NEXTT Emerging Themes webinar series, we considered what data is available and how it can be shared to benefit passengers, enable greater operational responsiveness and improve security. We talked about some of the challenges around data sharing and considered future solutions. This webinar brought together industry experts to discuss the future of data as part of the NEXTT vision.

Be it interactions between passenger, airlines and airport; baggage handler and airline; or freight forwarder, airline and ground handler – better use of data and communication is the key to optimising airport operations. Coordinating data sources, using distributed ledger technologies or cloud applications should also allow customers to access real-time tracking of flights, baggage and shipments, providing control and peace of mind. With various initiatives underway, there is a need to demonstrate likely industry level solutions and determine standardisation needs.

The use of predictive modeling and artificial intelligence will enable swifter real-time decisions using a wider array of data. Awareness of the changes to a passenger’s journey or the status of cargo or baggage will enable the airport to best address stakeholder needs and enable airlines to optimise the decision-making across their whole network.


Henk Mulder, Head of Digital Cargo, IATA

Henk Mulder is Head of Digital Cargo at IATA and is responsible for digitalisation of airfreight processes, in particular the development of new data sharing standards, ONE Record, that creates a data sharing ecosystem for airfreight within the global supply chain.

Marie Masserey, Head of Industry Architecture, IATA

Building on her innovation and technology standards background, Marie is connecting industry architecture expertise  to identify the technologies and standards needed to deliver essential  business transformations.


Serge Yonke Nguewo, Senior Manager, Facilitation and IT, ACI World

Serge is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Airport IT technology and the Airport Facilitation portfolio, in sum he assists airports in using technology to improve the passenger process. 


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