Aeroporti Di Roma: A success story focused on people and innovation

Emanuele Calà, Innovation & Quality Vice President of Aeroporti di Roma, tells International Airport Review how they are humanising the journey of passengers at Fiumicino Airport in a digital era.

In recent years, Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), the operator of Rome Airports, has been increasingly focused on the quality of services provided to passengers, through a strategy based on investments, innovation, and above all, people, which had allowed Fiumicino Airport to become one of the most appreciated airports in their world for the excellent level of its services.

The culmination of this process took place in April 2022, when Fiumicino Airport entered the ACI Director General’s Roll of Excellence, a recognition given by ACI for having won the Airport Service Quality Award for five years during the past 10 years, an extraordinary result that few European hub have achieved before.

Such recognition becomes even more valuable if we consider that, in 2013, Fiumicino Airport was at the very bottom of the ranking, according to ACI’s ASQ programme.

So, how was it possible to obtain these results in such a short time?

Although it is not easy to explain in a few lines the revolution that took place, the main drivers behind ADR’s success story can be summarised in five main pillars:

Deep listening

Over the years we have developed various channels of contact with our passengers – e.g., complaints, surveys, social media, web, instant feedback tools – giving importance to every single piece of feedback to identify the most important elements for passengers during their airport experience at the airport. We then focus on which to concentrate our excellence-oriented strategy and those requiring the activation of task forces to ensure the best level of service to passengers. The constant monitoring of our passengers’ experience, on the other hand, has also allowed us to proactively resolve any disruptions to minimise their effects on passengers’ views. As part of this activity, the ASQ survey played a central role that allowed us to frame the areas quickly and effectively for improvement and the effects of the actions implemented. For instance, we understood that wayfinding is regarded as one of the most important aspects of airport experience for Fiumicino’s passengers, and we have accordingly renewed the signage – identifying two colours, blue for the main indications (for example gate, check-in, etc) and yellow for services (nursery, toilet, F&B, etc), while implementing dynamic signage to highlight the most useful information in the most complicated passenger flow intersections.

Credit: ADR

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