A new addition to the eezeetags family

The unique cooperation between the world’s leading bag-tag manufacturers under the umbrella of The eezeetags® family is not only a highly competent and trustworthy network, but also a globally recognised guarantor of compliance with high quality standards.

After a devastating period of 15 months of almost no travel at all, the airline industry in Europe saw a positive trend over the summer period, clearly showing that the general public still has a desire to go places situated beyond the mandatory local places during several lockdowns, meet up with friends and family, or catch the needed vitamin D.

The return of passengers comes with challenges. Many airlines, airports and ground handling companies are witnessing massive staff shortages to accommodate the end-to-end process. Complex health and safety regulation documents between countries often need a manual check, which again reduces capacity. Traffic is very volatile with high peaks and deep lows making capacity and resources planning difficult. All in all, leading to a troublesome restoring of quality and passenger experience, which in the end can work counterproductive.

Technology can help restore capacity in the upmost agile way. Self-service and biometrics already proved their added value in pre–COVID days and are expected to become the predominant way of handling passengers.

Eezeetags were already very successful in pre-COVID times, 50 million worldwide passengers independently tagged their own bag over the course of 2019. To achieve such a trouble-free operational readiness, it’s essential to deliver an impeccable product quality. Experience shows that this doesn’t just depend on the manufacture of the composite material – with its special patented adhesive technology. The finishing on the press, the final finishing in small rolls, and the print quality at the kiosk provider is also of the upmost importance in ensuring the maximum uptime possible for the eezeetags® all-in-one solution.

To accommodate for the expected exponential growth of self-service bag drop and self-tagging, eezeetags b.v. has created “The eezeetags Family”. A unique co-operation between the worlds’ leading bag-tag manufacturers who under license and strict quality control, make use of the patented raw materials and production technology. “The family” will advise, sell and produce the eezeetags product, much closer to the markets served. In this way production capacity is scaled up to a level beyond imagination, to hundreds of millions of eezeetags annually. One single production location risk mitigation and sustainable local distribution are two of the additional benefits.

The European market will be served and produced by Security Label GmbH out of Hannover Germany, the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and East Africa will be advised by Kimoha Entrepreneurs out of Dubai UAE, where the products also are produced, and the North American clients will be advised by the existing sales agent, Gateway Business Solution, however as an add on the eezeetags will now also be produced locally by George Schmitt & Co. based in Guilford CT. Founding company eezeetags b.v. out of the Netherlands will remain responsible for product development, industry relations and marketing. More family members to be announced.

With the creation of “The eezeetags Family”, eezeetags helps the ATI to be ready for a more scalable and agile operation in today’s challenging business and health and safety environment. 

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