International Airport Review Issue 3 2020

Answering some of the industry’s questions regarding COVID-19, whilst offering examples of how to improve operational efficiency, this magazine issue is an imperative resource for aviation.

Issue 3 2020

Within the third magazine issue of 2020, International Airport Review provides the aviation industry with features on how biometrics can improve traveller confidence, how to assess an airport’s sustainability project, and how digitalising the European airspace creates benefits for all.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing costs and improving efficiency will be key to the recovery of airports – as will ensuring the experience is accessible for all. Therefore, we have dedicated sections to both operational efficiency and accessibility.

Including sections on home baggage collection, territorial administrations and passenger experience, this issue has something for everyone.

We have also launched a brand new digital version of our magazine.

Our new digital magazine has been refreshed and updated to enhance the reader experience. The digital version has page-turning software allowing you to ‘flick’ through the pages, and includes many other interactive features to enhance your reading experience.

The digital version is now optimised for mobile and other devices. Some of the new features include:

  • View Page:
    Can be viewed as a single page or double page
  • Next & Back:
    Jumps through pages using forward and back buttons to navigate pages
  • Start & End:
    Progress through the magazine by skipping to the front or back pages
  • Information:
    Enables you to see key navigational features
  • Printing:
    Readers can choose to print certain pages and articles straight from our magazine
  • Bookmarking:
    Allowing readers to create bookmarks within the magazine
  • Share Pages:
    Readers can share via social channels easily
  • Search:
    Allowing readers to search for content within the digital magazine
  • Zoom: 
    Altering size of the page for viewing and efficient online reading. 

We are keen to get your thoughts on our new digital version. Please send your feedback by emailing [email protected].

Please download and enjoy!

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