Transforming aviation for a new world with Jens Sanner, Fraport

Posted: 26 January 2024 | , | No comments yet

Watch the exclusive interview with this airport thought leader.

In this exclusive interview with Jens Sanner, Programme Manager at Fraport AG, we discussed the Frankfurt Airport Terminal 3 programme which will have fully fledged digital services and is due to be inaugurated in 2026. Jen went on to say that his prediction for the future of travel is that the terminal will not have that many humans in it because most processes will be done off-airport such as check-in, immigration, security clearance. The passengers will arrive at the airport, drop off their bag with no bag tag required because they will be employing baggage biometrics, passengers will then proceed through a walk-through channel which scans as you walk, and then head straight to the gate with no passport control. 

Watch the exclusive interview with this thought leader now!

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