Shaving off valuable seconds with eezeetags

Posted: 6 February 2019 | | No comments yet

Increasing the ease with which passengers tag their bags will lead to an increase in retail spending according to eezeetags, the quick and easy way to self-tag baggage.

On a recent Airport Study trip to Italy it struck Borry Vrieling, founder of eezeetags, that future airport master plans contain big investments in passenger experience, enabling them to spend time in the upmost luxury, shopping the world’s leading brands and consuming good local food and beverages, but what is the use of all of this luxury if passengers do not have the time to spend there? 

The double figure growth in passenger numbers presents a huge potential for ancillary revenue, but to be able to spend time spending money passengers first need to have the time.

This time must be created by scraping of valuable seconds in the end-to-end process.

Long queues need to be avoided and the only way for this to be achieved is through new and evolving processes entering the terminal building. Recently, these are based more and more on self-service. When turning towards self-service, it is important to consider all components involved; one of the most underestimated details and processes is the tagging of passenger baggage. Passengers tagging their own bags speeds up the process but with a standard bag tag it takes passengers quite a while to figure out what to pull, what to keep, what to tear etc. which creates unnecessary stress, that puts the whole seamless travel experience at risk.

With an eezeetag, which requires no removal of any liner to expose the adhesive and as a bonus works with an adhesive that only sticks to itself, it is possible to create an easy, fast and clean experience, as the tags create no waste. The process from beginning to end,on average, saves 20 seconds per passenger.

In 2018 approximately 65 million passengers self-tagged a bag with an eezeetag. Speeding up the end-to-end process, whilst enhancing the passenger experience, paves the way to smiling passengers having time on their hands to spend a few, Dollars, Yen, Euros, Pounds or Pesetas in the beautiful designed retail area.

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