Hamburg launches ‘gate delivery’ test for food and drink

During the test phase, the range extends to snacks like baguettes and cinnamon pastries along with cold drinks such as water and cola.

TEN MINUTES: More airports are trialling gate delivery options, freeing up time for stressed passengers

Hamburg Airport is the first commercial airport in Germany to launch a test phase for the new “Gate Delivery” service: passengers can order snacks and drinks online to be delivered directly to their departure gate.

Hamburg Airport is operating the service in cooperation with VAAIR Airport GmbH — the company that already operates Café Scoom and Pier2Bar at the airport. The test phase will initially run until mid-July 2018.

“’Gate Delivery’ is an innovative extension to our digital service offering,” said Lutz Deubel, Head of Center Management at Hamburg Airport. “The service has many advantages for our passengers, ranging from waiting time at the gate being saved to the reduced distance to be covered in the terminals.

“The target group for ‘Gate Delivery’ is diverse, from business travellers without much time to families departing on holiday who would rather spend their time at the gate, enjoying the view over the apron. During the test phase we want to find out how well the service is received by our passengers.”

In just a few steps, passengers can place their orders online at First, they choose the snacks and drinks they want.

Then they pay online via Paypal or credit card. Registration is not necessary.

The prices are the same as in the VAAIR cafés and bars, with no extra charges (e.g. for delivery). The “Gate Delivery” staff, recognised in their red uniforms, bring the order to the departure gate that the customer named within a specified 10-minute time window.

The passenger may choose to receive the delivery immediately or at a predetermined time. Food and drinks are delivered to the passenger in a stable paper bag, ready to be comfortably enjoyed at the gate or carried on board.

During the test phase, which runs until July 2018, “Gate Delivery” is available daily between 5am and 10am — perfect for a comfortable breakfast order at the gate. If the test proves successful, a permanent all-day service is planned.

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